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Thursday, March 22, 2012

top becomes a skirt


My daughter helped plan a 17th birthday party for a friend. It was a 
"Gold" theme birthday. The girls were supposed to have as many
gold things at the party including their clothes. We headed to Thrifttown
in the Mission District and were lucky they were having a half of sale on 
all clothing. We had a very limited time in the store.  My daughter found
a gold and red reversible jacket and a womans XL knit top black with 
flecks of gold in it. See below how in I turned a XL top into a mini 
skirt for the party.

Here is the XL top after I cut off the top of it. I didn't get a photo of it before I cut it but you get
the idea. The bottom is going to be the skirt. I added and elastic waist band to it.

Check out the original price tag on this top! Yes- $99.00! I didn't discover
the cost of the top until we got home and saw the tag. We paid $1.99 and tax!

Here is the skirt! On the way to the party. I also made the gold 
halter top Elana is wearing but didn't have time to take photos of 
the process. We were in a huge hurry. Estimated time to shop and make 
the top and skirt and buy gold food and make gold present: three hours!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quick banner card

 Take one piece of old mail (an annual report with good colors) and a
pair of scissors or in this case my new Fiskar punch and make quick
mini banner card.

I ordered this banner/pendant large squeeze punch from Jo Ann's Fabric online for 40% off.
I could have used a scissor to cut the little pendant flags but this was super fast and I 
didn't have to think beyond looking at the color of paper.

I used a tiny piece of twill tape and some Uhu glue stick and glued to a piece of card stock. You
could use a piece of twine or just a piece of thin paper string your little flags.

I got about 100 mini pendants pieces out of a few pages or this old annual report.  That is
enough for a lot of cards! I think I will use them for thank you notes.