Sunday, August 4, 2013

Milk Carton Lamps

One of the most exciting things I did this summer was visiting The Workshop Residence to see my friends the Batle family. Agelio, Delia and sons Noa and Nilo were the artists in residents for the month of June. Students from the San Francisco public high school  Ruth Asawa School of the Arts also joined them. They collected hundreds of milk carton jugs and made them into beautiful lamps. I am fortunate to own one that I love.

Agelio Batle cuts some of the milk cartons for the lamps.

Leaf pattern for the lamps.

Nilo Batle sorts through more milk jugs.

The jugs were turned into amazing designs.

At the end of the month a group of friends and I attended the closing reception to see the finished lamps. They were amazing and beautiful. How could anyone decide? All from made from milk jugs!

Agelio shows friends Leslie and Megumi one of the finished pieces.

far right: Braden Weeks Earp, Director of The WorkShop Residence 
with Batle family and SOTA students.

WorkShop Residence website
Agelio Batle website

Friday, August 2, 2013

Rubber Inner Tube Jewelry

I took my daughter Elana's bike into our local bike shop Ocean Cyclery and I got some old rubber tires from them. One can also purchase them at SCRAP my favorite art store.  I took them home and made some pieces of jewelry. Plans are for a tutorial in the future. 

I have been asked to sell some of these pieces to some people but so far I have only made a few samples of each style!


San Francisco SCRAP website

Monday, June 10, 2013

Succulent Sisters graduate!

My daughter Elana and her friend Annakai have a small business called Succulent Sisters They make custom terrariums by order, teach terrarium building workshops and sell terrariums of their own design at the Alemany Flea Market and popup road side shops (otherwise known as the sidewalk) in San Francisco.  Both of the girls graduated this past Saturday from The Urban School of San Francisco. I wanted to make them something special so I made them both a succulent lei. 
Here are the two leis hanging on our front door ready to be presented on graduation day.
Here are some photos of the process of making the leis. I was uncertain how I was going to put them together. Thanks to friend Dorothy for her technical support and to friend Gloria for giving me some of the lovely succulents from her garden.


I gathered the succulents from Gloria, our garden, some from my mom and some from
the local nurseries and


The next step was finding something in my studio to attach
 the succulents plants. I settled on some clear plastic tubing.

The next step was taking 24 gauge wire and cutting a piece and
inserting into the base of the plant and then twisting the wire.


The next step was taking white floral tape and
wrapping the wire.

After making a hole in the tubing with a hot (putting the nail over an open flame)
 nail the plants were inserted in the hole and the wire was twisted around the tube.

Both of Elana's grandmothers could not be there at her graduation. Grandma Pearl passed away in January and my mom her Grammy could not make the trip as she is caring for my 92 year old dad. Both grandmothers gave us many of their succulent clippings and we have them in our yard. I made sure that the lei had some of her grandmothers succulents.

Annakai and Elana wearing the finished succulent leis on graduation morning!

Congratulations Elana and Annakai! Don't they look great wearing their leis on graduation day. Perfect for the Succulent Sisters! I am so happy with how they turned out. The girls were so surprised! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

More graduations leis....

More high school graduations this week for my daughters friends. This time for Noelle and Erica. Their school colors are royal blue and orange. I folded crisp dollar bills and made felt flowers in their school colors. Hand delivered this morning for their noon ceremony. 

Here are Noelle and Erica's $ leis for their graduations.

A closeup view of the flowers and folded dollar bills. 
I used 1, 2 and 5 dollar bills tied with ribbon.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Graduation lei's

My daughter graduates in two weeks and many of her friends are too. They go to many different high schools. The first friend Celie graduated yesterday in Little Rock, Arkansas. The girls have been friends  since they were in kindergarten together. I wanted to send her something special since so I made her a money lei with handmade flowers. I cut spirals in the felt and coiled the felt to make the flowers using a glue gun to adhere it. I collected new dollar bills each time I went into the bank. I fan folded them while I watch the Giants baseball game until I had enough to circle the wreath.

Here is the finished lei for Celie. Congratulations Celie!

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Altered Book Show at Marin MOCA

 Marin MOCA Altered Book show is opening tomorrow.
I have my "Three Layer Cake" in  the show.

April 20, 5-7 pm
with talk by Mary Austin, 4-5 pm
Co-Founder of the San Francisco Center for the Book

Juror Talk: May 10, 6:30- 7:30 pm
With Juror Donna Seager of Seager Gray Gallery

LIVE Auction closing:  May 25, 5-7:30 pm

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art
500 Palm Drive
Novato, CA

This is my piece of that I entered in the altered book show.

This is my friend Dorothy Yuki's piece called Center of the World made
with pages from a discarded atlas.

Come by the show. There are over 150 altered books in the show this year.

Paper Cherry Blossoms

 It is Cherry Blossom season and today in San Francisco's Japantown there is a festival going on.  It will go on for two weekends  ending with a parade. For nine years our family walked in the Cherry Blossom parade with our children's elementary school representing the Clarendon Elementary Japanese Bilingual Program. I am missing the delicious udon noodles that our school sold at the festival. I might just go over there and get some. So the last week we made some pretty cherry blossom branches and cards  in my craft classes at and at the San Francisco Carlisle retirement community.

I collected branches from my parents yard and I also picked up fallen branches on my dog walks. My dog was going crazy grabbing the from me!

I carved a cherry blossom center with an eraser and we stamped the flowers.

Yasko Gamo works on her blossoms.

Lucinda poses with her finished branch.