Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Paper Trees for the holiday and beyond

Today I had a workshop at www. where I am the Artist in Residence. We made tiny paper trees. All you need for these trees are skewers from the $ store and some old corks and your choice of paper.  I took a nail a little smaller than the skewer and drove a little hole in the cork. Push the non pointed end into the cork. The pointed end on top allows the paper to easily push down the skewer.

Tree number 1--- made from a thin paper bag, cut with shredder scissors
Tree number 2---punched round circles from music sheets with different size punches. You could hand cut the circles as well with scallop scissors.
Tree number 3---made from a Asian newspaper. Fold long strip of paper in half, cut on fold but not all the way through. Glue spirals around the tree from bottom to top.
Tree 4 & 5 are made from discarded books. I chose different books to get different colors of pages. Cut squares in various sizes so your tree will taper.

Leave a comment if you need more details. I may take photos of the steps and post later. It was really fun to make. You can make a tiny forest of trees!


  1. These are cute, and since my husband's a wino, I always have a drawer full of corks. Think I'll try one with old vintage papers. Thanks!

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  4. This is exactly what I was looking for for a long time already! It was always a hard question for me - how to reuse old paper which are no longer needed. Thanks a lot for this great idea!

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