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Thursday, October 1, 2015

More Stamps Recreated

I came across these other stamp cards I made awhile back so I thought I would show these as well to add more images to yesterdays post.  It was hard and is still hard to cut up stamps. I felt the same way about cutting discarded books. The stamps I get are just stored in boxes and not in a nice fancy stamp book album. I am giving these old cancelled stamps a new life in some way. I still have plenty of untouched stamps that are preserved.

Tiny stamp houses

My "Stamp People". I made the guys pants out of a discarded atlas and his arms from old book pages.

This is a super easy birthday card. I used a Martha Stewart balloon punch
 and then drew the string on with a fine tip marker.

You should check out my friend Pamela's blog post from
on May 28th titled It's All about the Stamps!  Two of my cards are featured as well as a lot of other great images!