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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Envelope Booklet Tutorial

Here is a booklet tutorial that I showed Pamela from Cappuccino and art Journal and the other friends who gathered at my studio  a few weeks ago.  I used a page from an old atlas from the the library book sale that I went to with Pamela and Leslie.

Put the image that you want on the outside of the booklet face down on the table. Next fold the paper into thirds. You can measure if you like  or eyeball it like I do. 

Make a nice crisp fold using a bone folder. If you don't have a bone folder use a credit card to help crease crisp.

Open the paper and fold in half and crease your fold.

Take your pair of scissors and and cut from each side of the paper to the first fold.

You will now fold the corners in to the first fold making a triangle. 

Repeat the folds to all corners of the paper. 

Fold in the sides of the paper on the fold line.

Fold each end to the center fold.

Here is your finished envelope booklet!  

Here are three more envelope booklets made from different atlases We made
these at the party I hosted in my newly cleaned studio.  I hope to add some more 

envelope tutorials soon. I have a lot I want to share using repurposed materials of course!
                A shout out to my friend Pamela from Cappuccino and art journal for taking the
                photographs for this tutorial and for all her technical help as well. Her help
               and encouragement will get me posting on a more regular basis!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Altered Book Show

This is my Altered book I entered in the MarinMOCA Altered Book and Books Arts show in
Novato, CA.

This is a detail of the spine of a discarded library book.

I used a glassine envelope and added some other elements into the piece including
a tag and a  torn book page.

The little holes on the right hand side of the book page was made by putting the pages in my perforator that I normally use to make artist stamps. I wanted the texture to mimic a sewing machine.
I found a book page and it was discolored from having a old
newspaper clipping inside of it. It left a stain on the page. I
really loved the color it made on the page.  

The Altered book show is going on right now until May 23rd. It has over 150 
pieces in the show from artists all over the Bay Area. Go check it out and let me 
know what you think of the show. This is my third time being a part of this exhibition.