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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Card and wallet holder tutorial

I have been making these card holders for years. I saw this fold on a youtube video some years ago as as photo holder. I am sorry I do not remember who posted it.  I adapted it to make it the size and made some adjustments for holding business cards, gift cards or to use it as a small wallet when you don't want to carry you larger one. I have used a variety of paper including maps, posters, ledger
paper and tyvek envelopes (from old USPS or FedEx envelopes) that are tear proof and water
proof. You can even print on the tyvek but be careful as all printers will not take the material. 

Start with a piece of paper that is 8.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches tall. Put the side of the paper
you would like to be on the outside of the wallet face down on the table. Place the paper in a vertical position with the 8.5  horizontally in front of you.

Fold the paper in half vertically and crease the fold crisply. You can use a bone folder or a
credit card to make a clean fold.

Open the paper and take each side and fold just shy of the center. Leave a gap. About 1/8 of an inch.
I don't measure but just do not fold to the center or past the center of the paper.

Open the paper and fold in all four corners to the fold line. Crease the paper.

Keeping the corner triangles folded in now bring in the sides of the paper on the fold.
Do this on both sides of the paper.

Your paper should look like this and you will be ready to make the final folds!
Flip the paper over.

You will now fold the bottom of the paper up by following where the angled paper meets. (this
is difficult to explain but hopefully the close up picture shows you what I mean. No measuring is
needed. Just use the folds to guide you.

Here is another photo to show this fold.

Now for the final fold you take the top and fold it under the bottom triangles. You can test the 
distance of how much to fold in by using a credit card as a guide.

Tuck in the folds and crease the paper for your completed card holder!

You have six pockets to put items in. The two sides with the triangle folds.

You can also tuck cards into the side too and the back side as well. (not pictured)

I will try to post later some other versions of this wallet/card holder soon. School just ended for my
son today so I finally got to sneak this post in-- as summer officially started today!  And that I hope
means more time to re-create and less driving!

These little holders are great for putting gift cards in for presents. In fact this map one would
be great to put in a gas card in for a gift or tuck in money for a trip. 

(Thank you to my daughter for being my hand model and once again to friend Pamela at for her blog help)