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Friday, December 26, 2014

Tiny eco gift wrap

             I had some tiny packages to wrap so I got out the security envelopes 
             and some of my stash of old papers to wrap the tiny boxes.

These tiny packages were wrapped in an old map, ledger sheet, discarded book pages, and my grocery receipt!

I had the most fun wrapping with envelopes scavenged from our recycling bin. Just
turn the envelope inside out and cut to size and wrap.


This package is made from two former coffee bags. I cut the bag down and made a top and a lid. The
"ribbon" is a discarded paperback book. I cut the book into quarters and then folded the pages in half.

        I wrapped these packages for the holiday gifts but this wrapping would work for 
        year round gift giving. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Security Envelope Winter cards

 I wanted to make something out of these old security envelopes this week.

Look through your recycling bin for the envelopes that your bills came in. Next month we all should have quite a few after the holiday shopping.

I searched for the blue liners. I cut up the envelope in the shapes of "ponds" and glued them to card stock.

I got out my Martha Stewart stamp set I picked up at 70% off last year to decorate the card.

I stamped the ice skater on the "ice pond" made from the inside of the envelope.


Here is one of the cards I made. I may send it out as a thank you note or a New Years card. It is a lot of fun to repurposed these envelopes. I will post more later on my another use for these envelopes.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Gelatin Monoprint

I have joined the many artists who love printing on a homemade gelatin plate or a commercial Gelli plate I purchased at Blick's.  Here is a print that I did with a small plate. I made four sections. I ended up making only one so I color copied it and made cards out of the print. I used string, a plastic alphabet stencil, a paper tube and bubble wrap for texture.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Reclaimed Room Make and Take!

My artist friends Megumi Inouye and Dorothy Yuki along with myself
participated in a Make and Take event at this weekends SCRAP Party. We lead three workshops.
It was held in The Reclaimed Room at Building Resources. where
SCRAP Art - Creative Reuse in the Bayview art show is happening!

Jennifer Morningstar- curator, Monica Lee, Dorothy Yuki, Megumi Inouye
Make and Take workshop artists and Shuai Chen-Exeuctive Director of SCRAP.
(photo by Gloria Soliz)

My workshop was called creative reuse jewelry. All the necklaces were made with
paint chip and remnants of felt and cording.

Dorothy Yuki's workshop was Origami Butterflies. These  butterflies were made
out of National Geographic magazines.

Megumi's origami bows made out of music sheets, ledgers, old maps and more!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The 2014 Graduate!

I am so happy that my friend Miranda  graduated from The Urban School of San Francisco!  This is the succulent lei I made for her. Her mom Rebecca told me she would be wearing a traditional Norwegian bunad that was blue. I only had once piece of thick wool felt that my friend Dorothy found for me at  It turned out it matched her dress!  The post below shows a little small demo of how I made it.

Congratulations Miranda and her parents Mikkel and Rebecca!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Graduation Lei 2014

Tomorrow our friends Mikkel and Rebecca's oldest daughter graduates from high school. I wanted to make a special lei for her. I was generously given some succulents from Patricia's garden and I had some air plants.

I used my Sizziz Big Shot die cutter to cut circles from blue wool felt.

I used my glue gun to carefully adhere the succulents to the wool circles and clear tubing.