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Friday, April 22, 2016

The World of Hedi Kyle book show

Last Friday I attended the opening of the book artist Hedi Kyle called The World of Hedi Kyle
Codex Curios and Bibli'objets at the The show is up until July 17th in San Francisco.
I would highly recommend it. I have to go back again to see the show again.  There was so much to see and become inspired from by her work.

Hedi speaking to the crowd at the opening. 
         Below a small sample of work from the show at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

These pieces were some of the works that were hung on the wall.

I love that there was a section of books that were touchable to the crowd. Some of these books were
my favorite in the exhibit.


  1. I could swear I already commented -- thanks for posting this -- I was so inspired when I saw this I went right over to SFCB to see the show for myslef. And, you're right -- those touchable books are so cool and I am crazy for the one with tea bag tags.

  2. Hedi uses so many great paper materials but that means you can never throw away any paper... and you know what that means.

  3. Great photos, Monica! I loved this show too and will go back again before it's gone. So much inspiration there! Makes me want to make more books.

  4. Visited there last weekend with a group of friends, and had all the fun we could handle. I really like the ambiance at Los Angeles venues. There's a decent draft beer selection at a reasonable price and the bartenders are good at what they do.

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