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Monday, July 21, 2014

Reclaimed Room Make and Take!

My artist friends Megumi Inouye and Dorothy Yuki along with myself
participated in a Make and Take event at this weekends SCRAP Party. We lead three workshops.
It was held in The Reclaimed Room at Building Resources. where
SCRAP Art - Creative Reuse in the Bayview art show is happening!

Jennifer Morningstar- curator, Monica Lee, Dorothy Yuki, Megumi Inouye
Make and Take workshop artists and Shuai Chen-Exeuctive Director of SCRAP.
(photo by Gloria Soliz)

My workshop was called creative reuse jewelry. All the necklaces were made with
paint chip and remnants of felt and cording.

Dorothy Yuki's workshop was Origami Butterflies. These  butterflies were made
out of National Geographic magazines.

Megumi's origami bows made out of music sheets, ledgers, old maps and more!

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  1. Monica, I'm so glad that we met and I look forward to seeing your environment at Ruth's Table. It looks like a truly nourishing space.