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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Security Envelope Winter cards

 I wanted to make something out of these old security envelopes this week.

Look through your recycling bin for the envelopes that your bills came in. Next month we all should have quite a few after the holiday shopping.

I searched for the blue liners. I cut up the envelope in the shapes of "ponds" and glued them to card stock.

I got out my Martha Stewart stamp set I picked up at 70% off last year to decorate the card.

I stamped the ice skater on the "ice pond" made from the inside of the envelope.


Here is one of the cards I made. I may send it out as a thank you note or a New Years card. It is a lot of fun to repurposed these envelopes. I will post more later on my another use for these envelopes.


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