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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A quick photo look in review during the holiday rush..

PhotobucketHere are a few photos of the last few weeks with all the holiday festivities.
We celebrated Hanukkah.  My  daughter Elana is lighting the menorah on day four. 
We celebrated the Winter Solstice at our friend Mikkel and Rebecca's house.
This is the goose served for our solstice dinner.

Yummy bake potatoes cooked in goose fat. 
We spent the Christmas weekend in Chico, CA. in the house that my dad built. I lived in this house  all my life until I moved to San Francisco nearly 30 years ago. My dad just celebrated his 91st birthday on December 20th. He could make or build just about anything. Many of the bricks on the front of the house he reclaimed from construction projects he did at his work at the Holly Sugar Plant. He repurposed before there was a name for it. The slate floors in the entryway of the house are repurposed chalk boards from the demolished high school during its remodel. The backyard is full of all sorts of vintage treasures including a red gasoline pump with the price 27 cents a gallon on it. In the barn in the back is a huge workshop and in one corner he built my darkroom for me. 

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