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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sweet Treats keep coming

Tom and Ann's box of cookies from 122 Street Kitchen in New York City.
PhotobucketMy friend Leslie hosted her annual Cookie Exchange right before Christmas. The participants bake their favorite holiday treats. We walk around the room and fill our boxes with a wonderful assortment of holiday treats. I made my favorite candy- caramel.  It took several attempts to make it right but I ended up with soft tasty candy. The caramel was made without corn syrup and I made plain, salted and pecan caramels. I have always wanted to learn how to make them and this was the perfect excuse to try.

My basket full of caramels. I felt like Lucy in the candy factory wrapping them. (see the Lucy magnet beside my description of my candy)

Shortly after the cookie exchange a UPS truck arrived at our door. What a wonderful surprise to receive cookies from my longtime  friends in NYC. Tom Walker and Ann Stratton's 122 Street Kitchen box of cookies arrived right in time for Christmas! I love their cookies and my personal favorite is the Joule vanilla macadamia. I have even wanted to hide them from my everyone. I don't want to share them and I am being very serious.  Check out their website and their story about their company.
The box of cookies sent to us by Ann and Tom. 

I am going to have to order some more of the vanilla joules. The bag is getting close to empty....

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