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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Third Find (really a bargain) of the week!

PhotobucketMy sister Tracy works as a merchandiser  so she knows a lot of people in the grocery industry. On the day after Christmas her butcher friend told her the fresh turkeys were going on sale for 29 cents a pound! So my other sister Stephanie headed out to the store and came house with two turkeys along with her other groceries. She took a look at her receipt and found out she was charged 29 cents per turkey! We took ours home to San Francisco that night and the next day guess what I made for the first time?
Check out the original price for this fresh turkey. $36.18. On sale it was supposed to be $3.51 but ended up at 29 cents!
This turkey was truly one of my better bargains.  Some of my other bargains include a 16 cent chair and my $20.00 wedding gown (retail $1000.00) but those are other stories...

Here is the result of the 29 cent turkey. My first one I have ever cooked. We have hosted a lot of Thanksgivings but I was never the cook for the turkey. It came out really tasty. Stuffed it with pearl onions, carrots and celery. And I made a side of garlic mash potatoes.

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