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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bird house and Bottle cap necklace workshop

This Saturday on February 25th I am giving a Birdhouse necklace, glass 
tile pendants and bottle cap necklace workshop at Ruth's Table.
My friend Dorothy Yuki asked her wood working brother Michael to cut 
bird houses for the workshop. They came out great! I have 
been collecting bottle caps from restaurants we frequent. People look at 
you a little funny when you ask but if you hurry up and say that 
the bottle caps are for art everyone is happy to help out.

Here at the tiny bird house necklaces decorated with a vintage air mali envelope. Also included
is a bottle cap necklace with a vintage dictionary page and a glass tile with a topographic map.
Join us this Saturday if you want to make some fun necklaces. We will
use postage stamps, old book pages and other paper to decorate the birdhouse and the bottlecaps. Join us and sign up on Ruth's Table web page. Adults and children welcome. 
It will be a lot of fun! 

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