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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"This into That"

This is a new feature to this blog called "This into That".
It also happens to be made with my find of the week. The "this"
is a big ball of zipper and the "that" is the zipper brooch 
I cut 13 pieces of zipper and used a high temperature glue 
gun and made the "petals". I trimmed the zipper tape and 
made a swirl for the center of the brooch.

Big ball of zipper tape =  zipper brooch
This into that

This brooch is quite large measuring in at 5 inches in diameter. I love it this big even if it is a 
bit floppy. The zipper was not stiff but nice and soft. I plan to make a lot more brooches! 


  1. Your site came to my attention because I have a registered trademark for the phrase, "This Into That" which protects my exclusive rights to the mark in connection with anything about recycling in artwork. (Registration #3,315,113) I make art from found materials, some of which is on display at my website, I have been using the name for my work since 2003 and, as you can imagine, have a great interest in protecting my public identity.

    Please find another name for your project and continue publishing your artwork.

    Jim Rosenau