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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My friend Megumi Inouye is a host on a televison program called the Japanese American Journal on KTSF in the San Francisico Bay Area. She invited some of the staff of Ruth's Table where I am the Artist in Residence to be on her program and discuss how Ruth's Table was founded  and the programs it offers to the public.

Megumi made it easy to appear on the TV show by asking great questions and keeping the conversation flowing. I am hoping that the program will make more people aware of what a great place Ruth's Table is for the community and to honor the artist Ruth Asawa.

The set for the Japanese American Journal program.

Dorothy Yuki and myself in front of the table with our art projects from Ruth's Table. Our segment
was last and the table was wheeled onto the set where we did a show and tell for the audience.

Aiko Cuneo, arts educator and Ruth Asawa's daughter, Dorothy Yuki, Lola Fraknoi director of Ruth's Table, 
host Megumi Inouye and  Monica Lee. We just finished the taping of the segment 
that aired on Saturday the 11th of February.

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