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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines, Valentines, Valentines.....

This has been a very busy week with four Valentine workshops..

Here is a simple and fun idea for Valentines day or other celebrations. I bought a package of clothes pins from the local $ store and got out the tiny set of alphabets stamps I purchased some time ago at Michael's. They were very inexpensive at $1.50 but up to this point I hadn't used them. Well they were the perfect size for the clothes pins!  I stamped messages with red ink and I think they came out really cute. I also used half of the stamps of some of my bigger rubber stamps and it worked out alright. 

Start out with dollar store clothes pins

Get out your rubber stamps and  stamp pads. I tried the darkest red ink I had.

Here are some of the results using the tiny alphabets stamps and parts of the larger stamps. 
You will see in the next few post how I used the clothes pins to hang up cards.


  1. That was sweet. I like the ease of your ideas. they could be made nearly by everyone.

  2. I think that this idea could be used for the apartment decoration, as well. I'll try to get some use of it.

  3. Just a package of clothes pins will make you busy for the whole evening! How creative! I don't have any ideas on how to express my gratitude.

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