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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I heart SCRAP fundraiser

This past weekend I volunteered  and put on a Valentine event along side Dorothy Yuki at our favorite art supply store in San Francisco- SCRAP. We were happy to help host a room full of Valentine crafts. We had a steady stream of crafters young and older coming through the workshop room re-creating and 
and repurposing. There was music, food and a lot of people supporting the
wonderful SCRAP.

Certificate of Honor from the Mayor's office!

music to craft by.....

Our friends Hannah and Jonathan from FabMo came to support Scrap.
(pictured left to right: Jonathan and Hannah, myself, Shaui Chen the director 
and Dorothy Yuki.

The crowds were steady with crafters for four hours in the workshop space.

We made pins using  scalloped punches, a stapler and pin back.

I set up  the Typewriter Station at this fundraiser and again it was a big hit. A lot of people used the typewriters to peck out messages to include in their Valentines.



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