Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Zipper Pins

I always have a lot of zippers in my studio for various projects. I went through them and pulled out the red, pink and white ones for a valentine craft. I used a glue gun and shaped them into hearts. All the lengths of the zippers were different so I was able to come up with a lot of different designs. It was a lot of fun. You only need a glue gun, different lengths of red, pink and white zippers and some pin backs. SCRAP, my favorite art supply store is where I got a lot of my zippers. I also keep my eye out for zippers on sale at the thrift stores where you can get some vintage zippers with brass teeth. And of course the fabric stores also have them in a variety of colors. Yard sales are also a place to look for zippers as well.

Here is just part of my stash of zippers ready to be repurposed into Heart pins.

The simple heart pin. Turn, fold and tuck, glue...add pin back and wear it!

Here are more  of the Valentine Heart pins from various size and colors of zippers.


  1. That was quite unusual. Thank you for sharing those materials. I think that I'll use this idea in the future.

  2. That was really unusual. I hope that you'll post more curious ideas later. You know, those tips could be widely used.

  3. I have never though what can be done with those useless zippers... At least, I thought that were absolutely useless.

  4. This is a very original idea of a gift for the day of St. Valentine's own hands, I really liked your work.

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